DFA President’s Letter to Football Fans

Dear Football Fans,

Football is more than just a game: it instills enthusiasm and offers an emotionally effective common language of comprehension that extends beyond gender, social background and spiritual belief. In line with our goal to “Foodbowl to Football”, DFA strives to enhance gender equality and play a role to the empowerment of women through sports.

I am pleased with our work to grow football, Although Dehradun football Academy is providing training to boys and Girls but it is giving us immense pleasure to describe here that DFA is also working to grow football in the areas Grassroots to  big Tournaments.

Despite this, we are conscious that there is still plenty of space for growth and are assured that we will be in a position to meet the challenges that lie ahead. In specific, we need to continue engaging with the extended football community to maximize awareness about women’s football and to encourage the removal of barriers. I believe that a good starting place is to teach people to think in terms of “football as a career” rather than “football as a game”. After all, it is the same game for everyone. For the Game. For the Career.

We are a major State in India; Uttarakhand, we are on the edge of beginning an incredible footballing journey again as what most of us witnessed in 60s and 70s in Dehradun. The thrill that I feel ensure me that it will only get much better and even bigger as time goes by.

In sequence to have a successful tournament, we are dragging off all the stops. Of course, not all are famous players but are exceptionally talented. The concept is to give the audience quality matches where you can come with your family and friends to cheer your team.

We have planned out the best of Football Training and Football tournaments ever offered in our State. Our football tournament planned out as an event where families and friends come and see the talented players live, where  they can also enjoy  hi-tech facilities like Live Performances(music and dance), Live Band, Cheer Leader Girls, many guests said  that our tournaments look like as a mini  ISL like event.   We are looking   forward for   great tournaments and great events.


Tejoraj Patwal
President & Head Business Operations

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